After our wedding, we didn’t immediately want to go on a honeymoon. Lot’s of our friends and family were still here and we wanted to spend some time with them.

But as we lay by the pool the next morning, we did feel a little empty inside knowing the wedding was over and we had no plans for the next couple of months. One of our goals for the New Year was to explore more of Africa, and what better way to do that than with the ultimate adventure car. We even posted about it asking you what car you liked best.

At that time we didn’t know what kind of 4×4 we wanted and literally everywhere we’d go, we would be spotting and discussing the coolest and best off-road cars.

off road adventure car

A vehicle perfect for off the beaten track travel

Landcruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Ranger, we couldn’t get on the same page… Until one day we were overtaken by a dark green Land Rover Defender 90, belonging to one of the farmers in the area. We both loved it and a seed was planted.

A vehicle that matches our brand and would be perfect for off the beaten track adventures in South-Africa and beyond. Never thinking we would own one just a few weeks later!!

So back to the day after our wedding – I was browsing cars (this time knowing what to look for) and there it was. OUR DREAM CAR, FOR SALE! At Silver Lakes Autos in Pretoria. I made 2 phone calls that day: one to the dealer to negotiate and one to my friend Ray, who owns a Land Rover 3 series and knows a thing or two about cars.

A 1700 km test drive

Appointment made and tickets to Johannesburg booked. Willem (@daddyhox) who was here on a holiday, wanted to see more of South-Africa so he joined last minute. He happens to be a cinematographer and suggested to capture our trip for ROF-Style, who can say no to that?

The next day we departed from Cape Town at 5:45 to fly to Johannesburg.  We were picked up and headed straight to the dealer to see the Landy. And boy it was love at first test drive 😉

So much so, that we made payment and immediately started our road-trip back. A whopping 800 km later we arrived in Uppington, where we had beers by the fire and slept alongside the Orangeriver. The next morning we left early, as the longest gravel road of South-Africa awaited us. This road leading through the Karoo eats tires for breakfast – but our Land Rover couldn’t feel more at home.

ROF-Style leather boots
land rover defender 90
Road trip leather boots

Home of the ROF-Style Tankwa Boots

As we drove further I saw the signs for Calvinia and realized we were close to Tankwa Town – The AfrikaBurn terrain home to our Tankwa Boots. Of course we had to make a stop and fun fact: there is a bar that’s open year round. We took some pictures and a video on the festival terrain and continued our road trip home.

There is something about driving a Landrover that you don’t experience in many other cars. As we winded through the last few corners of the Ceres mountain area (almost 1700 km from where we started) I felt it: this is the ultimate outdoor lifestyle feeling! The off the beaten track, freedom feeling we want everyone to experience with their ROF boots.

And this is only the beginning…

I can’t wait to continue planning our honeymoon road trip with Laura and take you with us on our next adventure. 

Another big thanks to Willem van Sas (@daddyhox) for creating the below video teaser!