The Black Tankwa Boot

Something NEW lies on the horizon


Introducing our LIMITED EDITION Brass Buckles

Inspired by the Namibian Desert, a place where beauty meets durability. Something we have always strived for at ROF-Style.

Reminding us of the golden shades of Namibia’s landscapes, these buckles bring a touch of adventure to every step you take.

For those who appreciate the timeless look of gold and brass, these buckles offer a distinctive, elegant upgrade from the traditional silver.

Embrace the spirit of the Namibian Desert with every wear.


Handmade leather boots from South Africa

ROF-Style is a brand that was born after our founders decided to step into the unknown by moving to South Africa. Once they settled in one of the roughest, but at the same time trendiest places on earth they missed a pair of boots they could wear in every casual setting.


The Tankwa Boot

Simplicity, that’s what ROF is about. A timeless boot that you can wear in every casual setting. In the colors Black, Brown and Cognac

“Basically can confirm these boots do it all. Simple and easy to take care of plus I was surprised how comfortable they were after just a few times wearing them’’

– Chelsea Kauai

ROF Styles


More than how you dress, we want to inspire you to find adventure in the everyday, to go outside, meet new people, live slowly, try new things and open your hearts

100% Handmade

Eco-Friendly Leather

By Local Craftsmen

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