It truly feels like we are living our own ROF-Style motto One FOR all. When we travel, we bring only one pair of shoes, and we don’t have to tell you that those are always our Tankwa Boots 😉

With a firm sole, they are just so perfect for the rough grounds of Africa, yet comfortable and light enough to travel with.

This honeymoon/ROF-style trip to Namibia was one to cherish forever!

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ROF giraffe

This road-trip we reconnected with nature and ourselves

Accompanied by the sounds of the bush, we connected not only with nature, but with ourselves. More than ever, we got to experience what we keep saying all this time: That in life, the moments and time we experience together are of greater value than the possessions we hold.

We took this to heart and made time to travel, just because there is always a reason not to.

We’ve been fully present this road-trip… immersing ourselves with what nature has to offer. We took our work but left our routines at home. We were not with the two of us but together, having real conversations. This was our honeymoon, but with owning a company like ROF-style, we couldn’t just go off grid for 4 weeks.

ROF owners
ROF travel
ROF at Habitas

A must stay when you travel to Namibia

So after a few weeks of living like nomads, camping under the stars, taking our LANDROFFER through the magnificent Namibian landscape. Working remotely for ROF here and there, we were in for a real treat…

“An unforgettable adventure to explore, learn and discover the unique wildlife, nature and culture of Namibia.” Habitas perfectly describes the atmosphere they create in their Namibian home in the wild.

Best views
Safari ROF

This is the perfect place for mindfulness wanderers

When we arrived we were immediately in love with the beautifully located safari tents and the amazing views we got from there.

Imagine waking up naturally by the rising sun, starting the day with yoga by the pool breathing in crisp morning air. Followed by a breakfast rich of all nutrients a body needs. We enjoyed a massage with majestic views over the Namibian land. Only to explore that savannah in close up later that day…


It’s in the details

We personally loved the guided safari. The magic of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat never ceases to amaze us. In the drive we saw elephant, giraffe, lots of bokkies and special birds. We even followed some tracks to find lions, but we unfortunately didn’t see them.

These are just a few of the activities Habitas offers guests. Every detail is thought of. We can truly recommend everyone with a love for nature to stay here…

Thank you for having us Habitas, it was a unique experience! Book a stay at Habitas Namibia here


boots ROF

Our ROF Tankwa Boots are a must have safari item

During a safari it gets hot (especially in Namibia) and we were happy to have brought these must-have items:

– A hat
– Sunglasses
– A light shirt to wear over a tanktop or tee (also a great way of dressing up if you go for dinner)
– Light shorts or a flowy dress
– Our ROF-style boots, firm enough for a walking safari yet stylish and not sweaty due to the use of vegetable tanned leather.
– A scarf to wear at night or to put around you when the evening air gets chilly

Would you consider traveling to Namibia and would you pack a pair of ROF’s for your adventure? Next up is Europe and we can’t wait to tell you more about our adventures there…see you in our next blog!

Pictures in this blog taken by Southern x Studio & Taryn Vogl