Like we mentioned in our last blog, with ROF-Style we are almost naturally drawn to new adventures. So when our dear friend Prisca invited us to come shoot with her at her boutique hotel L’ Ovella Negra in the mountains of Andorra, who are we to say no?

We met Prisca at the Oranjezicht Market in Cape Town, where we just started selling our ROF’s. She tried on a pair of Tankwa boots and we started chatting…

We found out she was also living in Riebeek Kasteel and agreed to come over for a wine. Her husband makes the most amazing natural wines – hence wine instead of coffee ;).  It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Taking our ROF’s deep into the valley of Andorra

So after a few weeks in Holland, it was time to hit the road again. During our last ROF on tour trip in Europe, we visited Lovella briefly and fell in love with the place.

We arrived at Prisca’s lodge late that evening after having some car trouble in Barcelona (don’t even start…it seems to follow us wherever we travel). What you have to understand is, the moment you arrive at L’ Ovella, all your worries disappear.

Prisca turned an old mountain shed (set in the most stunning location) into literally the perfect design meets nature getaway.

This place is made for winter, the warm colors and fabrics make it super cosy, and there are fireplaces everywhere. Not to mention the location: tucked away in a stunning valley.

In winter you can only reach it by snowscooter. Such an experience (and challenge at the same time!) Eventough it was summer now, this place is comfortable yet luxurious and the staff is so friendly, you will feel right at home. And so did we.

ROF Andorra
Boots & bags made for the outdoors

That morning, we woke up at 5 to quickly drive to a location even more surrounded by mountains. Along for the ride was another adventure seeker: Lotty our wedding photographer (if you ever want stunning pictures and a person that won’t say no to even the craziest adventures).

She joined us to capture our stay at L’ Ovella and she packed her Pango & Linn bags to shoot with. She makes all of them by hand and they fit so well with both our ROF boots as well as L’Ovella in this shoot.

When the mind is empty, ideas start to flow

With a coffee in our hands we admired the stillness of the mountains surrounding us, getting excited at seeing wildlife and then stillness again when the sun came up. I keep saying it but there is nothing that fulfills me more than making memories from moments like this.

I also feel like every time we go on a trip, I get more inspired to see if there are more elements of nature I can bring back in our brand. May it be ROF-Style experiences (which, if you follow us on Insta, you’ve read about) or ways we can make it easier for you to expose the leather to different surroundings.

Selling boots from the back of our camper

After a full day of shooting, we ended our day with some amazing food back at the lodge. The next day, we actually met some people that had come all the way to L’Ovella to try on ROF’s. The Andorran’s seem to love leather boots – Do you remember that pic at Prisca’s wedding where about 10 different ladies were wearing the Tankwa boots?

So much fun to see how all the staff is wearing a pair of boots too! We left some extra stock with Prisca and set out to travel back to Holland.

Shop our ROF-Style Tankwa Boots now in Barcelona

Looking forward to spending some time with family in The Netherlands before we set out to travel to Scandinavia for our last road trip in Europe. Make sure to tag along on Instagram and if you are or know a wholesaler in Scandinavia that we should meet. Send me an email:

We understand why designhotels decided to feature L’Ovella

Want to experience this unique place yourself? Book a stay 

PS Prisca is opening something in Riebeek that we can’t wait to share with you!

Whilst ending this blog I can announce that our search for wholesalers in Spain was successful. You can now shop ROF’s at Pachulí in Barcelona.