Our handmade boots are the perfect adventure companions

It all started seven years ago when we met each other under a beautiful oak tree in Wellington, South Africa

What started as a friendship, soon became more and we moved in together in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. We were surrounded by interesting people, had promising careers ahead, and a comfortable lifestyle. However, having both grown up in the countryside, we missed that funny place outside the city – where we learned how to play – called nature.

After years of fantasizing about a life in South Africa, we decided to pursue our dream. In 2019 we changed our lifestyle and stepped into the unknown by moving back to the place where it all began.

While living in one of the roughest, but at the same time trendiest places on earth, we realized we missed something: A pair of boots we could wear in every casual setting.

This experience inspired us to establish ROF, the South African word for rough. A brand that stands for freedom, (outdoor) adventure and of the beaten track. Unpolished, firm and timeless boots, handmade by passionate local craftsmen. A way to bring handcrafted pieces from South Africa to the world.

One style boot for women and men

We aim to unite people that dream and live adventure, big or small. To inspire to find adventure in the everyday, to go outside, meet new people, live slowly, try new things, open your hearts, think of others, learn along the way, do good


A leather boot made with love and respect for the material

We do our best to source all components locally to ensure a lower carbon footprint. We use South African sourced vegetable tanned leather and our ROF-Style boots are handmade by locally trained craftsmen. By teaching them a trade and providing them with fair wages, we indirectly support the local community. We sell in South Africa as well as overseas, and the profit is invested back into the South African economy.  Our boots are made by hand in smaller batches, this helps us to prevent overstock and with that, the waste of precious raw materials.

When you buy a pair of ROF-Style boots, you invest in a high quality shoe that you can wear for years. A boot that inspires you to choose experiences over stuff and is suitable for multiple occasions. We hope that our boots will be with you through many adventures and that they help you conquer whatever life throws at you. And then one day, when you decide it’s time for a new adventure, we hope you will pass our boots to a new generation for them to explore this planet.


To create a timeless high quality boot that lasts years instead of seasons

The South African sourced Nguni leather is unpolished, firm, and handmade into ROF boots by passionate local craftsmen.

Variations in colour, shading, texture, and shape are inherent to handmade leather boots. This means that every pair is unique and one-of-a-kind. The natural way of tanning allows the leather to keep most of its original features and with the right care, it ages well over time – Just like you.

ROF is the Afrikaans word for ‘rough’ and stands for freedom, adventure, and off the beaten track. Everyone that can relate to this lifestyle (or dreams of it) can benefit from a pair of boots that represent this AND looks good in every casual setting.

We give you the simplicity of not having to choose between comfort and style, seasons trends or what is best for the environment. We combine it all in 1 classic style biker boot that comes in 3 colours.