”Stepping into the unknown
by moving to South Africa”


”Stepping into the unknown
by moving to South Africa”



It all started seven years ago when they met each other under a beautiful oak tree in Wellington, South Africa

After a few years of friendship they became a happy couple living a vibrant life in Amsterdam, surrounded by interesting people, promising careers ahead, and a comfortable lifestyle. However, having both grown up in the countryside, they missed that funny place outside the city – where they learned how to play – called nature.

After years of fantasizing about a life in South Africa, they decided to pursue their dream. In 2019 ROF’s founders changed their lifestyle and stepped into the unknown by moving back to the place where it all began.

Once they were settled they decided to bring handcrafted pieces of South Africa to the world. Something both of them missed while living in one of the roughest, but at the same time trendiest places on earth: a pair of boots they could wear in every casual setting.

This experience inspired them to establish ROF, the South African word for rough. A brand that stands for freedom, (outdoor) adventure and of the beaten track. Unpolished, firm and timeless boots, handmade by passionate local craftsmen.

.One FOR all. For him and for her. In every casual setting.

South Africa is dealing with one of the world’s highest unemployment rates. It is ROF’s vision to support the local community by allowing them to learn a craft and become independent.

Meet our team

These are the people who work with a lot of passion and dedication to shape every detail of your boot to perfection.
Please check whose name will be unveiled once you unpack your ROF boots to find out who’s the maker of your pair of boots.



It’s a big pleasure working with such a small team of passionate and skilled people. The speed in which we can make adjustments gives me so much energy.



I am very proud that we have succeeded in developing a leather boot from Nguni breed. This was a requirement for me considering the strenght of the leather.



At work I can be myself. My boss is not bossy but treats us like peers. Everyone is treated equally which I appreciate a lot.



I like the fact that we share our ideas with each other, so that we learn something new every single day.



I am proud that we, South Africans, are skilled in making high quality products from genuine leather.

100% Handmade

Every pair of ROF boots is 100% handmade by passionated craftsmen

Eco-friendly leather

At ROF we only use the best materials with limited impact on our planet

By local craftsmen

All ROF's boots are made by craftsmen that live in South-Africa