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Shipping & Returns

We accept the following payment options:

– Ideal
– Credit Card
– PayJustNow (SA customers only)


ROF boots will be marketed primarily online via our own webshop. However we find it very important to give our (international) customers the opportunity to fit and feel the boots. That’s why ROF is frequently organizing events and pop-up stores. Also worldwide a number of showrooms will be selected. Please follow our website and social media to keep up with developments.

We offer the opportunity to fit ROF boots at our warehouse in Putten (Gelderland, the Netherlands). Please contact Julia at julia@rof-style.com to plan a visit.


Which size should I choose?
We recommend to select exactly the shoe size you normally wear. The boots might be a bit tight in the beginning but we experienced the boots do end up 1/2 size bigger after a couple of days.
How do I determine the right size?
Your toe is allowed to gently touch the nose of the boot, that is what we recommend during your first fitting. Since the boot runs out at least half a size within a short period of time, you don’t want to start with a size that is too big- of course it shouldn’t hurt! We recommend you to wear your boots in a clean environment at least for a few hours – preferably in the morning (feed are likely less swollen) – to get an indication of the right fit and feel.
The boots make a soft crackling sound when I walk, is this normal?
The soft crackling sound will almost completely fade away over time. The sound is typical for vegetable tanned leather from Nguni cattle. 
How do I care for my boots?
We highly recommend to use our eco-friendly leatherfood, a home made blend of organic oils and beeswax, every 3 months. Using this blend provides your boots with enough nutrition to remain in good shape and will protect them against external influences.
What can I do to speed up the run-out time of the boots?
For those of you who like to speed up the the run-out time we have some practical advice. Take a wet cloth or sponge and gently wet the boots’ nose on the inside. After you have done this wear the boots for half an hour. The moisture will temporarily soften the leather and make it shape to your feet. Please make sure you let the boots dry up naturally before you rub them in with Leatherfood.


100% Handmade

Every pair of ROF boots is 100% handmade by passionated craftsmen

Eco-friendly leather

At ROF we only use the best materials with limited impact on our planet

By local craftsmen

All ROF's boots are made by craftsmen that live in South-Africa