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Sizing & Instructions

Which size should I choose?

We recommend to select exactly the shoe size you normally wear. The boots might be a bit tight in the beginning but we experienced the boots do end up 1/2 size bigger after a couple of days.

My toe is touching the front

Your toe is allowed to gently touch the nose of the boot, that is what we recommend during your first fitting. Because the boot ‘stretches’ at least half a size within a short period of time, you don’t want to start with a size that is too big, but it shouldn’t hurt either!

We recommend you to wear your boots in a clean environment at least a few hours – preferably in the morning (feet are likely less swollen) – to get an indication of the right fit and feel.

Where can I try on a pair of ROF’s?

You can try on a pair of ROF boots during a private fitting appointment. To make an appointment at our warehouse in Putten (Netherlands), contact julia@rof-style.com To book a private measure and fit appointment in our showroom in Riebeek Kasteel (South Africa), contact laura@rof-style.com

Alternatively, you can try on our boots at the Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town or at one of our retailers. 

Are ROF’s suitable if I wear insoles?

Our ROF insoles are not removable but our soles are flat, so you can place your own insole over the existing one.

What if my size is not in stock?

If your size is out of stock it’s still possible to place an order. This means you are guaranteed to receive your pair of boots from the next batch (max 4 weeks).

We will email you to keep you updated about the status of your order. Please note: our boots are made by hand so delivery might take a little longer than in-stock items.

What about pre-order?

Every now and then, we have a limited edition boot that hasn’t been made yet. To prevent overproduction, we let you buy it early, and only start producing when we know how many to make.

Is it possible to order personalized boots?

We offer personalized boots (for weddings or other special occasions). This doesn’t include alterations to the design of the boot.

If you come for a fitting at the OZCF market (SA) or a private fitting in Putten (NL) you get free personalisation (worth 25 euro).

For a fitting in Putten you can make an appointment via julia@rof-style.com and for special personalisation requests, get in touch via info@rof-style.com. Please note that custom items can’t be cancelled, modified or returned once the request has been submitted.

Will there be more styles?

The Tankwa boot is inspired by a model that was popular in the 60’s. Together with the team we spent many hours on perfecting the boot and tweaking it into something more modern.

We give you the simplicity of not having to choose between comfort and style, seasons trends or what is best for the environment.

We combine it all in 1 classic style biker boot that comes in 3 colors. Follow us on social media to be the first to receive exclusive news and new ROF-Style releases.

What can I do to speed up the run-out time of the boots?

1. Wear the boots for short periods in the house on a clean surface 
2. Leave the top buckles open when wearing ROF’s the first few days
3. Wear your boots with thick socks, or without socks (the warmth will soften the leather)

Please note: tip 4 is at your own risk. Rof-Style is not responisble for damage to the boots based on the information given below

4. For those of you who like to speed up the the run-out time. Take a wet cloth or sponge and gently wet the boots’ nose on the inside. After you have done this wear the boots for half an hour.

The moisture will temporarily soften the leather and make it shape to your feet. Please make sure you let the boots dry up naturally before you rub them in with Leatherfood.

Where can I buy ROF boots?

ROF boots are available worldwide via our shop.

Only a certain amount of ROF’s are made each month, so you won’t find us in big retail stores. However, we find it very important to give our (international) customers the opportunity to fit and feel the boots. That’s why we hand selected the below retailers for you to experience ROF-Style

Ibiza Code Figuera D´Indi
Carretera Sta Eulalia, Km 2,5, 07819 Jesús, Ibiza

Carrer del Brosolí, 4, local 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Södra kyrkogatan 5, 621 56 Visby

Deus Store
Herenstraat 13A, 1015 BX, Amsterdam

To book a private measure and fit appointment in our warehouse in Putten (Netherlands), contact julia@rof-style.com

Cape Town
Deus Café
140 Main Rd, Hout Bay, 7806

The Strangers Club
1 Braemar Rd, Green Point, 8005

Oranjezicht market* (OZCF)
Haul Road, Granger Bay Blvd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, 8001
*Every Saturday and Sunday 08:00 – 14:00

To book a private measure and fit appointment in our showroom in Riebeek Kasteel (South Africa), contact laura@rof-style.com

Interested in becoming a ROF-Style retailer? Contact laura@rof-style.com

Where are ROF’s made?

ROF-Style boots are handmade in South Africa where we have a team of skilled craftsmen. Each boot is carefully checked and packed by us in South Africa and by our team in The Netherlands before they are sent all over the world.

What is the difference between F and M?

All our boots are unisex and identical but for sizing reference, we indicated them as follows
Women European size 35 to 42 – marked with an F (inner sole)
Men’s European size 42 to 48 – marked with an M (inner sole)

Women with european size 43 can wear a 42 M (There is 1 size difference)

We have decided to remove the 41M size as it is exactly the same size as 42F. When you order 41M you will get a 42F. This is not a mistake 🙂

How long does it take to make one pair of ROF boots?

It takes roughly 2 weeks to make a pair of ROF boots, depending on factors like the sun for drying. Each pair of shoes is carefully made by hand.

Are ROF’s suitable for all seasons?

Yes! Our boots are made from leather (inside and out) and contain a leather insole. We wear them without socks all summer. Shoes with an inner sole made from vegetable tanned leather are highly recommended to avoid foot odor. The presence of tannin regulates the ecosystem inside the shoe, acting on the microorganisms responsible for bad smell. Even after many hours of wearing and under physical effort.

Will you be selling ROF kids in the future?

Something we are working on and very excited about! Follow us on social media to be the first to receive exclusive news and new ROF-Style releases.

Product information & Care

What kind of leather do we use?

The boots are crafted from the typical South-African nguni cow breed, the type of leather which local Zulu people used back in the days to make armored battle shields and traditional skirts. Only the best materials with limited impact on our planet are used. The leather is tanned using an eco-friendly technique, where just organic materials and natural tannins derived from trees and plants are used. This natural way of tanning allows the leather to keep most of its original features that age well over time.

Where do we source all the materials?

Most of the used materials are locally sourced and the craftsmen are consciously selected. The boots are crafted from the typical South-African nguni cow breed, the type of leather which local Zulu people used back in the days to make armored battle shields and traditional skirts.

Are ROF’s suitable for small feet/high arches/Hallux Valgus?

Everyone’s feet are different, so we suggest trying on a pair of ROF’s to ensure that they are a good fit for you. The style of the boot is a bit wider, but that doesn’t need to be a problem. We have happy customers with narrow feet as well as wider feet. An option is to add insoles to slightly raise the foot when you have smaller feet.

Our ROF’s are made from vegetable tanned leather, which softens and easily takes on the shape of your foot when worn in. This makes the shoe highly suitable for people with a high arch as well as when you have Hallux Valgus feet.

How do I care for my ROF’s (boots)?

We highly recommend to use our eco-friendly leatherfood, a homemade blend of organic oils and beeswax, every 3 months or as needed (for instance; if the leather looks dry or you wear them a lot). Using this blend provides your boots with enough nutrition to remain in good shape and will protect them against external influences. More tips on how to care for your ROF’s on our blog

The boots make a soft crackling sound when I walk, is this normal?

The soft crackling sound will almost completely fade away over time. The sound is typical for vegetable tanned leather. There is a quick tip to fix this sound though:

1. Take some baby powder (or cornstarch) and apply this on the straps and inside of the boots.

2. Spread it out equally equally and the sound will fade. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRy4hNKpq7I/?utm_medium=copy_link

Do we do vegan leather?

Although we are intrigued by the possibilities of using leather alternatives, we don’t offer vegan leather boots. The main reason for this is that vegan materials don’t meet our brand’s standards for quality and longevity. Moreover, a lot of vegan faux leather has PVC and PU as main components. Both of these materials are plastics and toxic while being turned into ‘leather’. Vegetable tanned leather (the leather we use to make ROF boots) is tanned using tree bark, vegetable tannins and other biodegradable components. The method itself is hundreds of years old and takes about six weeks to complete. It is by far the most organic, environmentally friendly way of tanning leather. Lastly, we believe that ultimately, mindset plays the biggest role in caring for this planet. Carefully opting for a smaller collection of favorite items that you wear for years. Shoes that last and age beautifully over time and even when you decide to replace them, can be passed on and enjoyed by someone else.

Are ROF boots heavy?

No, although they might look like a workboot (think; steel toes and heavy soles) our ROF boots stand the test of time without needing all that technology. You might be surprised to know that a female size 38 weighs only 555 g per boot, making them lighter than Dr Martens.

Are the boots waterproof?

If you know that your ROF boots will get wet, we recommend treating them with a waterproof spray (one suitable for leather) to give extra protection on rainy days. It won’t make them completely waterproof though. As leather and rain are not best friends, do this when your boots get very wet:

– Take them off as soon as possible
– Dab dry till damp
– Add newspaper on the inside if this got wet too
– Lay flat to dry
– When dry, condition with leatherfood and buff


– Lay them directly on a heatsource or blowdry.. this will dry out the leather

Do you offer repair services?

If your ROF boots are damaged, please get in touch with us via info@rof-style.com and we can help you determine if and where we can get them fixed.

Orders & Shipping

What are the delivery cost to my country?

All orders within the Benelux and South Africa will be delivered free of charge. After placing an order ROF will send you a confirmation email with your order details. It takes up to 3 weeks before orders are shipped (our boots are handmade in small batches) and sooner providing there is enough stock and your size is available. You will receive an email with your tracking code once your item is sent. ROF delivers worldwide against additional charge. An overview of international shipping costs can be found at check-out in the webshop.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer South African customers to pay in 3 interest free installments via PayJustNow. (Exclusive to SA customers)

Can I modify my order?

We can modify your order if it hasn’t been shipped. Please contact us at info@rof-style.com as soon as possible.

What should I do if my order has not been delivered yet?

You can track your order via your tracking code. If you need more assistance, please reach out to us via info@rof-style.com and provide us with your Order number.

Contact us?

How can we help? If you have questions or concerns that you can’t find in our FAQ, please contact us via info@rof-style.com

What warranty do you offer?

If your ROF boots are damaged, please contact us via info@rof-style.com as soon as possible after discovering the damage (if possible, please provide us with pictures of the damage). We will then examine the boots and determine if it’s eligible for our warranty.

What currencies does ROF accept?

We accept the following currencies: – Euro (EUR)
– South African Rand (ZAR) You will get this option after filling in your address.
– And the following payment options:
– Ideal
– Credit Card
– PayJustNow (SA customers only)

Do you offer free shipping?

All orders within the Benelux and South Africa will be delivered free of charge. ROF delivers worldwide against additional charge. An overview of the international shipping costs can be find at check-out in the webshop.

Where can I find a discount code?

We don’t offer discounts or sales. We believe we priced our boots at a fair price considering the quality and how they are made.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with your tracking code once your ROF boots are being sent.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 14 days*.

*In case of any damage from wearing or shipment, ROF can deny the return in case of reasonable doubt.

Please send an email to returns@rof-style.com in which you describe the reason for return. We will then send you the return form.

Please note: returning the boots is at your own cost

Do you prefer another size or color? Please return your boots within 14 days, and indicate on the form that you want to exchange your boots. Based on stock availability we will send you a new pair of boots.

The boots must be returned in the same condition they left our warehouse*.

* Original packaging, closed buckles, wrapping paper to be placed around the boots to prevent scratching. Please include the keychain. If you ordered leatherfood, please place it in an upright position to prevent leaking.

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