How to care for your ROF Boots

Nguni leather was populair among the local Zulu people, simply because of its strength and toughness. Although the boots may appear a bit stiff during your first few walks, its this specific texture that ensures you can wear them wherever you wish to go, for many years.

We highly recommend to use our eco-friendly leatherfood, a homemade blend of organic oils and beeswax, every 3 months. Using this blend provides your boots with enough nutrition to remain in good shape and will protect them against external influences.

Apply with a soft cloth and leave to dry, then polish with a typical shoe brush and you’re good to go. Please be aware that leather and water isn’t a good combination. This eco friendly blend protects your boots agains external influences but we highly recommend trying to keep your feet dry as far as possible.

If you decide to put your ROF boots away for a while, please keep them in a humidity free environment.

A scratch on my boots

A scratch on my boots

You can fix a small scratch by taking a cloth and rub a little bit of leather food on the area....

Rain and ROF’s

Rain and ROF’s

Treat with our leatherfood at least once per 3 months. It won't make your boots waterproof but it...

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