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ROF-Style Reviews

I always dreamt of having a pair of boots that would join me on my journey in life, but never really thought I’d found them yet.

I then came across the ROF boots and I knew I had to have a pair, when I finally got them I knew these were boots that compliment my journey in life and never looked back since. 

Such incredible strength and durability. They feel incredible on and honestly they feel like they belong on your feet to the way they mould to your foot.

Lauren Mia Pearce

I’ve taken my ROF Boots through mud flats in Namibia, across Botswana on horseback, and somehow also to cute dinner events in the city. Basically can confirm these boots do it all. Simple and easy to take care of plus I was surprised how comfortable they were after just a few times wearing them.

Oh and I love how they are made to last a lifetime and support local South African artisans!

– Chelsea Yamase   @chelseakauai

So proud of my sister! She launched such a cool brand; beautiful, comfortable and sexy boots

Evelyn Struik

Great boots for all-day wear, whether you’re at work or on the move

Bas van Rijn

​​A boot like no other! Comfortable everyday boots that can be dressed up or down

Els Visser

When I wear  ROF’s I feel like Indiana Jones baby! I want to pick a road or a country, ride a horse or my motorcycle and rock these boots!
Sophie Molesti

No pain, no gain! After 3 days these are the most comfortable and beautiful boots you have ever worn

Lizet Greve

Crazy about these boots! Love to wear them under a dress or with a jeans

Akke Marije Marinus

They don’t just walk smoothly, they are also great for driving a motorbike!

Thomas Verhoef

These boots are practical and cool. One could wear them in the snow, a sunny day and anything in between. They are understated yet casually fashionable. Great to support the South African community in which they are made . 100% worth the purchase and I will definitely be looking to buy a brown pair soon

Steve Musgrave

My ROF’s make me feel. Rock n Rolla Powerful!
Soraya C.