Meet our team

These are the people who work with a lot of passion and dedication to shape every detail of your boot to perfection.
Once you unpack your ROF boots, please check whose name is on the tag to find out who’s the maker of your pair of boots



I have dreamed of a life in South Africa ever since I came here as a little girl. The feeling of freedom and calm became permanent when Leo and I decided to leave our (corporate) careers and permanently move to South Africa. And with freedom came beautiful adventures that led to the establishment of ROF-Style. I hope that you find a little bit of adventure in the everyday and that you will treat your ROF’s with as much love as they were made.



I am an adventurer at heart and wish to spend as much time as possible outside. These boots are designed to do just that and I am very proud that we have succeeded in developing a leather boot from the Nguni breed. This was a requirement for me considering the strength of the leather. Working with a small team of passionate and skilled people gives me so much energy, the speed in which we can make adjustments is amazing.


Marketing Manager

Initially only to create content, Claudia soon became our first team member. From marketing brainstorm sessions in the wilderness to mini content photoshoots in the Cederberg (whilst being 7 months pregnant). She is involved in all things creative at ROF-Style.


Warehouse Manager The Netherlands

Julia and Laura go way back! They have been friends since the age of 10 and coming from a background in TV productions whilst also raising 3 kids (hello multitasking skills), we knew she was the right fit to coordinate our warehouse in Putten (Holland). Oh, and when you want a personalized fitting, she is your girl. Send an email to to make an appointment.


Warehouse Manager South Africa

When we moved to Riebeek Kasteel about 1,5 year ago we were looking for someone that could help us around the house. We soon realized that Abey was capable of way more and we asked him to run our warehouse in South Africa.


Social Media Assistant

We loved her content from the moment she ran our Insta account for a weekend take-over. And in a world where you don’t matter without a dance video on TikTok we are happy to have someone on board who knows the in’s and out’s of creating fun content – without getting us to dance 😉



ROF-Style has done a lot for my career. Due to my experience working with leather and making the boots for 2 years I am now overseeing the process and managing the team



I am grateful to work for ROF-Style. This way I can provide for my family with a steady income



I am the only woman at the ROF workshop but I am proud of that. The men leave the detail work up to me and I love to add the final touches. 



At work I can be myself. I had the opportunity to learn a skill and find a steady job that I really like



ROF Boots are made by South Africans, in South Africa and with South African materials, I am happy to be a part of that and I hope many more people will buy local products to support.



It’s important these boots are made well so they last for years. I love precision work and I train newcomers in craftsmanship step-by-step.



I dig going outdoors and doing a variety of things in my Rof’s, they’re the most practical shoe Ive ever worn, I’ve done everything from week long hikes to swimming with these things. 



What drew me to ROF was the idea of having an everyday boot that could fit my needs. From deliveries / pouring beers to going for cocktails on the strip! I love the team at ROF and the way everyone connects, love the support and drive for adventure!



The energy and entrepreneurial spirit is one of the attributes that drew me to the brand ROF style. I enjoy working here because it encapsulates many of the great qualities and skills that I aim to learn in the retail industry.



I’m always down for an adventure that involves being in outdoors and nature! I live for the beach and can’t imagine not living close to one! I enjoy working at Rof because I love interacting with all the different and lovely people I come across at the market



ROF is a brand filled with passion for all things adventure and celebrating incredible craftsmanship. I adore the people, stories and, of course, the boots.