”Supporting the local community”


”Supporting the local community”


Local Community

 It’s ROF’s ambition to increase its impact on the local community, everyday

”It’s difficult to deal with the fear, insecurity and poverty I see amongst people in this country’’ according to our founder Laura who’s currently under lock-down in South Africa.

 To reach out a helping hand, ROF has decided to provide 10 people in the South African townships with a healthy meal for every pair of boots sold. In addition, ROFs’ customers are given the opportunity to add an extra amount to their order depending on how many people they like to feed. 


100% Handmade

Every pair of ROF boots is 100% handmade by passionated craftsmen

Eco-friendly leather

At ROF we only use the best materials with limited impact on our planet

By local craftsmen

All ROF's boots are made by craftsmen that live in South-Africa